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Sotto le stelle del Cinema

54 summer evenings in Piazza Maggiore

From: 17/06/2019 - To: 14/08/2019

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

Phone +39 051 2194826

Date of last update: 13/08/2019, 09:02

54 summer evenings in Piazza Maggiore, Under the Stars of Cinema (Sotto le Stelle del Cinema), running from June 17th to August 14th.

This is the gift that Cineteca di Bologna (Bologna Film Library) every year as part of the event Be Here.  Bologna Estate 2019 (Be Here. Bologna Summer 2019) gives to the thousands of people who, starting in mid-June, flock to the screenings in Piazza Maggiore. Every evening, at 9.45 pm, as soon as it gets dark, one of the largest screens in Europe lights up with the best restorations and copies of the classics that have made the history of cinema.

The unique programme starts on Monday, June 17th with a new film by Martin Scorsese dedicated to Bob Dylan, Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese.
Lots of films in Piazza Maggiore from the past and the present: new restorations, retrospectives dedicated to women who made Italian cinema great, classics from the 90s, Jean Gabin, Oliver Stone, the Antonio brothers and Pupi Avati.

View and download the complete programme here (in Italian)

  • From: 17/06/2019
  • To: 14/08/2019