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Sabbie Mobili

Angels and comedians lost among sensible cactuses and mimetic sitting rooms

From: 29/12/2017 - To: 31/12/2017

Teatro Duse

Via Cartoleria 42 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 226606

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While returning from Switzerland on board of their Cessna, two comedians - whose relationships are almost near to a breaking point, bump into a black cloud that causes their plane falling in a mysterious place, where it is possible to land on the electricity cables “like swallows”.
In that place they meet an odd and peculiar creature that has got out of a cactus.
Maybe when you have got everything in your life, you risk to get lost in that “too much” you had. Sabbie Mobili (Shifting Sands) is a tale, a journey for finding yourself.

29 - 31 December 2017

Angeli & Comici persi tra cactus sensibili e salotti mimetici
(Shifting Sands - Angels & Comedians lost among sensible cactuses and mimetic sitting rooms)

A.Artisti Associati
Roberto Ciufoli, Gaspare, Max Pisu
by Benvenuti, Aicardi, Formicola and Pistarino
direction Alessandro Benvenuti

At the end of the night show on Dec. 31st, the public will be invited to toast with the artists.

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  • From: 29/12/2017
  • To: 31/12/2017

Friday, 29 December – h. 21:00
Saturday, 30 December – h. 21:00
Suunday, 31 December – h. 16:00
Sunday, 31 December – h.  21:45
At the end of the night show on Dec. 31, toast with the artists