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Rito Domestico

From: 26/01/2017 - To: 28/02/2017

Via Zamboni - Bologna

Date of last update: 30/01/2017, 14:53

The collective installation "Domestic Rite" (26th January – 28th February 2017) is one of ON's special projects and is included in 'La via Zamboni', the programme of cultural events implemented by the Municipality and University of Bologna with the aim of promoting the university area. The installation consists of a series of bright objects, chandeliers of all kinds hanging out of buildings, palaces and houses which are arranged like bunches of grapes or in long lines under the arcades surrounding Piazza Verdi: from baroque candelabra reminding of the old scenic designs of the Teatro Comunale to the elegant drop-shaped chandeliers of historical buildings, from the 'props' made by the Accademia set designers to the huge ceiling lights of University halls, to the lights fallen into disuse of a small bedroom or private kitchen. Teatro Comunale, the University, Palazzo Poggi, Palazzo Magnani and Accademia di Belle Arti extend their rooms into the street, thus lighting up the arcades with the warm light of chandeliers which witnessed many different eras.
Light was the first language used by ON to get in tune with the city and in 'Domestic Rite' light becomes again a central motif with its revitalizing power, capable of domesticating the common area and turn it into a 'public house'.

ON is a project carried out by Martina Angelotti (curator) and Anna de Manincor (coordination). With the contribution of Fondazione Golinelli.

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  • From: 26/01/2017
  • To: 28/02/2017