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Ortographe: Stanze

Racconto per camera preparata

Date: 10/11/2017

Raum - Via Ca' Selvatica 4/D - Bologna

Date of last update: 25/10/2017, 15:50

Stanze, racconto per camera preparata (Rooms, a tale for prepared room). During the reading of a text which predominantly deals with inner life's events, a static image of a familiar environment is formed in the mind of the audience. This mentally made picture slowly creates a setting which contains, in a defined space, the image of something that is not recognizable. Just like in a painting, the landscape inside the frame is well distinguishable, while the subject in the center is out of focus. The setting is disfigured by a glaze of nothing, a missing crust, a crack indifferent to sense. As time flows, the perceived mental images sediment more slowly than the development of the narrated events. The stream is generated by a sequence of cleverly encoded letters. Besides the detailed description of characters and places, there's still room for a missing piece that the mind tries desperately to complete with its memories.

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  • Date: 10/11/2017