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Notte Blu

Blue Night - Bologna is submerged of events

Date: 6/06/2018

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Notte blu is an event taking place every year and promoted by the Consorzi Canali di Reno e Savena. It aimes at enhancing the historical architectural heritage of Bologna "City of Water".  The programme includes thematic guided tours, labs for children, live music, bike tours and access to sites that are usually restricted to the general public.

For eight-hundred years the Consortia Canali di Reno and Savena have carried out the daily management of Bologna hydraulic network and ensured the sustainability of its environment. They have always been engaged in the promotion and enhancement of Bologna's historic heritage.
Notte blu is a unique and not-to-be-missed opportunity to discover this extraordinary hidden treasure.

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  • Date: 6/06/2018

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