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New Year's concert - Hirofumi Yoshida

Capodanno sotto le due torri

Date: 1/01/2019

Via De' Monari 1/2

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The Bologna Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the usual New Year's Day concert conducted by Maestro Hirofumi Yoshida (season tickets not valid). The concert is a tradition for the Bologna audience and will be held at 6 pm on 1st January 2019.

Hirofumi Yoshida – Conductor


Giuseppe Verdi             
Ballabili from “Il Trovatore”                

Antonín Dvořák            
Slavonic dances op. 46:               

  1. Furiant in C major: Presto
  2. Dumka in E minor: Allegretto scherzando - Allegro vivo

Johann Strauss             
Russian march op. 426
Persian march op. 289
Egyptian march op. 335                                                                                            
Accelerationen op. 23
Kaiser Walzer op. 437                    

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  • Date: 1/01/2019