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Metodo Simoncini. Ricerca di un'estetica dell’insieme

From: 23/09/2017 - To: 12/11/2017

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (fornace Galotti)

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale di Bologna

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From September 23rd to November 12th, 2017 the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale di Bologna hosts the exhibition "Metodo Simoncini. Ricerca di un'estetica dell’insieme", dedicated to Francesco Simoncini, great innovator in the design of typefaces and creator of famous fonts, which have been in the eyes of millions of readers for over forty years and are still appreciated all over the world.  These are the Garamond Simoncini, used by Einaudi and become an iconic font in Italian publishing as well as the Delia, designed for telephone directories.
The exhibit is organized by Griffo. La Grande Festa delle Lettere, the multidisciplinary project that narrates and celebrates the history of the Bolognese inventor and of the letters.
Films, photographs and original tools introduce the visitor into the process of design and building of a matrix for Linotype machines. The exhibit path continues with the presentation of the international patent "Metodo Simoncini", along with documents, font drawings and rare editions that reconstruct the contribution of Francesco Simoncini as a designer.

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  • From: 23/09/2017
  • To: 12/11/2017

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