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Mario Biondi


Date: 13/03/2017

Teatro Europauditorium

Piazza Costituzione, 4 - 40128 Bologna (BO)

Phone 051 372540

Fax 051 7098738

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"Best of Soul" was released on November 18th, anticipating the new Mario Biondi double album which celebrates his 10-year career from his launch with "Handful of Soul". This work is a musical journey through his career with 7 new songs including the single "Do you feel like I feel", on the radio from October 28th. "Best of Soul" is a tribute to the artist from Catania who is the only Italian representative for his musical genre in the world. After the success of the latest album "Beyond", gold and six platinum awarded during the last four years, with "Best of Soul" Mario Biondi confirms himself as a unique artist in the national scene, highly valued by public and critics. The Italian tour will be followed by dates in Europe and Asia.

Teatro Europauditorium, 13 March 2017
Best of Soul Tour

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  • Date: 13/03/2017