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L’aria del parco

From: 29/06/2017 - To: 18/07/2017

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Date of last update: 29/06/2017, 19:01

A journey through four parks and gardens of the San Donato-San Vitale district in Bologna, in order to discover as many great authors of the Italian opera tradition: Giacomo Puccini, Giuseppe Verdi, Gaetano Donizetti and Gioacchino Rossini.
‘L’aria del parco’ is the summer project by the Senzaspine Orchestra: the concerts will offer the public the opportunity to appreciate the most significant pages of each composer, as well as to know their secrets thanks to anecdotes and historical notes on plots, scores and protagonists.
Along with the musicians conducted by Tommaso Ussardi and Matteo Parmeggiani also a soprano, a tenor, a contralto and a baritone.

  • 29 June - Giardino Benjamin Moloise (via Libia) - Giacomo Puccini
  • 6 July - Giardino Gino Cervi (via Argia Magazzari) - Giuseppe Verdi
  • 13 July - Parco San Donnino  (via San Donnino) - Gaetano Donizetti
  • 18 July - Arena Pasolini (Pilastro) - Gioacchino Rossini

more information and updates www.senzaspine.com

The event is part of the Bologna summer programme
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  • From: 29/06/2017
  • To: 18/07/2017