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L’Antico Appennino di Luigi Fantini

From: 30/07/2016 - To: 30/09/2016

Fienili del Campiaro, Loc. Campiaro - 40030 Grizzana Morandi

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 16:05

Together with the exhibit Ghirri meets Morandi, L’Antico Appennino di Luigi Fantini (The old Apennines by Luigi Fantini / 30 July - 30 September) opens at the Fienili del Campiaro too, the first exhibition ever held in Grizzana Morandi of the photographs of Luigi Fantini (1928-2013), who was also a painter and engraver.

This is a core of images relative to the old rural buildings of the Bolognese Apennines, a job that Luigi Fantini realized in the fifties by following in the footsteps of his Uncle Luigi who was also fond of the Apennine territory. The photographs are made with a catalogatrice methodology, the frame gives priority to the most relevant and significant architectural aspect and the environment is minimized, except in rare cases where the artifact dominates steps or valleys, like the house towers. It is gaunt, dry black and white, using yellow-orange filters that emphasize the heavens, and without the use of the tripod for better orthogonal shooting accuracy.

It is a photography “of step” of a walker that travels along the ridges to discover the Middle Ages and reached us relatively intact. Sometimes the inhabitants are inserted sitting there in front of the home and are the witnesses of time, because these organized stones without plaster, held together as an ancestral tie, manage to project ourselves in a magical dimension.

The event is promoted by the Municipality of Grizzana Morandi Sponsored by: Communities of the Bolognese Apennine The Metropolitan City of Bologna, Region of Emilia Romagna The Academy of Fine Arts Bologna Provided by the Carisbo Photographic Archive Foundation.

L'antico Appennino di Luigi Fantini  is in connection with two other exhibitions taking place in Grizzana Morandi area, about 30-minute driving distance from Bologna: Ghirri incontra Morandi, at Casa Studio Museo Giorgio Morandi and at Fienili del Campiaro, and Stanze della meraviglia. Esotismo Fantastico Incanto nella Rocchetta Mattei, at Rocchetta Mattei.

Further information and updates www.comune.grizzanamorandi.bo.it

  • From: 30/07/2016
  • To: 30/09/2016

Saturday and Sundaty 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

Opening July 30th at 7.30pm

L’Antico Appennino di Luigi Fantini