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L'infinito. Gli autografi di Giacomo Leopardi da Visso a Bologna

From: 21/12/2016 - To: 28/02/2017


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Some important autographs texts of the poet Giacomo Leopardi come from the Municipality of Visso to Archiginnasio for the exhibition L'infinito. Gli autografi di Giacomo Leopardi da Visso a Bologna (21 December 2016-28 February 2017).
The exhibition, curated by architect Cesare Mari, places in the Hall Stabat Mater, the heart of the Archiginnasio Library, some showcases containing the precious autographs.  An interactive totem allows visitors to virtually browse photos, videos and texts about the relationship between Giacomo Leopardi and Bologna and also the reproduction of the exhibited manuscripts.

The collection includes:

L'InfinitoSix Idylls (L’Infinito, La sera del giorno festivo, Lo spavento notturno, La Ricordanza poi Alla Luna, Il Sogno, La Vita Solitaria)
Five Sonnets in persona di ser Pecora
The Epistle addressed to Count Carlo Pepoli
The “Prefazione al Petrarca” including  corrections
Fourteen letters addressed to the Milanese editor Antonio Fortunato Stella between 1825 and 1831 (some from Recanati, others from Bologna)
Above  papers are partially connected to the Bolognese edition of 1826, Verses of Count Giacomo Leopardi, Bologna, Stamperia delle Muse, 1826: one precious piece is preserved in the Archiginnasio Library.

The initiative originated from a proposal made last summer by the mayor of Visso, immediately welcomed by the Municipality of Bologna. The aim was to promote the territory and the cultural heritage of the little town in the Marche, strongly affected by the earthquake of August 24th, and the subsequent seismic activity still in progress.

The exhibition is also aimed at fundraising to be donated to population in Central Italy affected by the earthquake: free donation at the entrance

L'infinito. Gli autografi di Giacomo Leopardi da Visso a Bologna is made in cooperation with Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica delle Marche e dell'Umbria and with the support of UNIPOL SAI Assicurazioni.

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  • From: 21/12/2016
  • To: 28/02/2017

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