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L'Eco dell'acqua / Bliss

From: 15/02/2017 - To: 16/02/2017

Arena del Sole

Via Indipendenza, 44 - Bologna

Phone 0512910910

Date of last update: 26/01/2017, 15:43

Standing as the main production company of the Italian dance scene, Aterballetto is back at Arena del Sole Theatre featuring the creations by two European talents: German Philippe Kratz and Swedish Johan Inger.
Philippe Kratz’s L’eco dell’acqua was inspired by J.W. Goethe’ “Song of the spirits over the waters”, one of his most beautiful poems. Kratz retraces the memory of the accident occurred over Ukrainian skies in 2014, when a military missile brought down a civilian aircraft. This show investigates human destiny and asks us to do the same.
Johan Inger’s Bliss is a tribute to Köln Concert, the popular piano improvisation performed by Keith Jarrett at Köln Opera in 1975.

15 - 16 February 2017 | Arena del Sole, Sala De Berardinis

coreography and scene design PHILIPPE KRATZ
music Federico Albanese
coreography JOHAN INGER
music Keith Jarrett

Full season of Arena del Sole 2016/2017, further information and updates on www.arenadelsole.it

  • From: 15/02/2017
  • To: 16/02/2017