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Le colline fuori della porta 2018

Hikes and walks through Bologna hills - 12th edition

From: 25/03/2018 - To: 18/11/2018

Date of last update: 22/10/2018, 11:32

The walks, the hikes, and the long queues of nature lovers scrolling through the hills around Bologna and in many other places of its region are back from March 25th to November 18th, 2018.

The 12th edition of the programme Le Colline fuori della porta is proposing 23 appointments scheduled as usual in spring (25 March-24 June 2018) and in autumn (9 September-18 November 2018). The programme fits everybody’s interest: from the themed excursions at Parco Villa Ghigi and in the other public parks just around Bologna to those at Parco della Chiusa, Prati di Mugnano and in the Contrafforte Pliocenico; from the visits to the olive trees of Gessi Bolognese to the lavender field in Tolè; from the hikes in Val di Zena to those at Monte Sole or in Val di Venola.

“Le colline fuori della porta” is promoted by Fondazione Villa Ghigi, together with the associations belonging to the Consulta per l’Escursionismo di Bologna, and with the patronage of Comune di Bologna and Città Metropolitana di Bologna.


Sunday 14th October
La cura dei grandi alberi nel Parco Villa Ghigi
A walk dedicated to some of the oldest majestic trees in the park guided by an expert who often works with the foundation managing the park: an occasion to get to know them, discover their age, characteristics, problems and care needed.
10 am - 12.30 pm The walk starts at the entrance of the park in via San Mamolo (Giardino Norma Mascellani). Accompanied by Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday 21st October
Da Sasso Marconi ai Prati di Mugnano
An excursion to take in autumn nature in the Prati di Mugnano park, passing by Mugnano di Sopra, Piazza, La Commenda and Sella di Monte Mario.
9.30 am - 4 pm Departure from the Sasso Marconi station (the train from Bologna departs at 9.04 am). Return from Sasso Marconi (approx. 4 pm). Accompanied by PassoBarbasso.

Sunday 28th October
On the occasion of the 15th edition of Festa Internazionale della Storia
Ricordi e testimonianze della tenuta Ghigi
A walk to pay tribute to an old friend of the park who passed this year and who, for years, was an endless source of information and anecdotes on life in the park before the park was even created. With the participation of other friends and witnesses from the past decades and a final toast at Casa del Custode.
10 am - 12.30 pm The walk starts at the entrance of the park in via San Mamolo (Giardino Norma Mascellani). Accompanied by Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday 11th November
Da Borgo Panigale a Casalecchio, seguendo il fiume Reno
An excursion along the Reno river to discover unusual places between past echoes and future perspectives: get to know the river parks, pass by “Casa dei Ghiacci” and the nearby lock, enter the park and reach the Lido. The Reno river will “tell” many tales as far as Casalecchio, surrounded by the smells and flavours of the Festa di San Martino.
9 am - 4 pm Meeting in via Emilia Ponente 162, in front of the al Pontelungo indoor market (bus 13). Return from Casalecchio di Reno, piazza dei Caduti (bus 20). Accompanied by Percorsi di Pace.

Sunday 18th November
Dall’acqua all’acqua: dal Navile al Savena
A dream that slowly takes shape: a quiet walk through the city along that green corridor that is the Navile canal and the CAI 902 path that reaches the quiet hills from Porta San Mamolo. The central part of the walk takes place in the historic city centre through green areas and tranquil streets drenched in history.
8 am - 5 pm Meeting in via delle Fonti, at the corner with via Sant’Anna, in Corticella. Return from San Ruffilo (bus 13). Accompanied by Trekking Italia


Sunday, 25 March
La collina che cambia: il Parco di Monte Paderno
h.. 9.30-12.30 Departure from the entrance of the park in via dei Colli; parking area in via del Forte, inside the park. Bus line 52 - bus stop Forte. Guided by: Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Saturday, 7 April
I crinali di Monte Sole
h. 8.45-16.45 Meeting at h. 7.45 in the hall of the Bologna Railway station; h. 8.04 train to Porretta Terme, stop at Pian di Venola. Return h. 16.59 from Lama di Reno. Guided by: Coop Madreselva

Sunday, 15 April
Seguendo il canale Savena: mulini, lavanderie e battaglie
h. 9-12 Meeting at Mulino Parisio, via delle Armi 5/a. Return from San Ruffillo (bus 13, 96). Guided by: La Rosa dei Venti.

Sunday, 22 April
Attività, canti e poesia degli uccelli nel Parco Villa Ghigi
h. 10-12.30 Departure from the entrance the park in via San Mamolo (Giardino Norma Mascellani). Guided by: Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday, 29 April
Il geosito di Monte Lolla
h. 9.15-12.45 Meeting in the square of Livergnano, in front of the bar “la Rupe”, via Nazionale 254. From Bologna bus 906, departure h. 8.00 from piazza Cavour; return h. 12.51 from Livergnano, arrival at the coach station in Bologna h. 13.40. Guided by: Selenite.

Sunday, 6 May
Il paesaggio collinare tra Paleotto e Forte Bandiera
h. 9.30-12.30 Departure from the parking of Parco del Paleotto. Guided by: Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday, 13 May
Una rassegna degli alberi del Parco Villa Ghigi tra botanica e letteratura
h. 10-12.30 Departure from the park in via San Mamolo (Giardino Norma Mascellani). Guided by: Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday, 20 May
Lana, Seta, Baco e Linea Gotica
Sulla Via della Lana e della Seta (on the way of the Wool and of the Silk)  Meeting h. 8 at the station of  Pioppe di Salvaro (from Bologna train h. 7.04). The ring of Monte Baco and the Linea Gotica Meeting h. 9.30 at the station of Sasso Marconi (from Bologna train h. 9.04). Return from Pian di Venola: trains to Bologna h. 15.52 or 16.52. Guided by: CAI, CSI Sasso Marconi and Gruppo di Studi “Progetto 10 Righe”.

Sunday, 27 May
Insetti che non ti aspetti nel Parco Villa Ghigi
h. 10-12.30 Departure from the park in via di Gaibola. Guided by: Fondazione Villa Ghigi.

Sunday, 3 June
I due versanti della Val di Venola
h. 10.30-17.30 Meeting point at Ca’ Bortolani, in front of the bus stop. From Bologna train h. 9.16 to  Vignola – stop at Pilastrino; from there bus 686 to Tolé, stop Ca’ Bortolani. Return by bus 626 from Croce alle Pradole, h. 17.45, to Casalecchio; from there bus 20 or train to Bologna. Guided by: Montagna Incantata.

Saturday, 9 June
Da Porta Castiglione a San Michele e San Ruffillo
h. 9-15 Meeting in front of Istituto Cavazza, via Castiglione 71. Guided by: PassoBarbasso.

Saturday, 16 June
Attorno a Monghidoro: mulini e civiltà contadina
h. 8.45-17.30 Meeting in Monghidoro, in the Town Hall square. From the coach station in Bologna bus 906 at h. 6.35. Return from Monghidoro, by bus 906, h. 17.45. Guided by: Oltr’Alpe.

Sunday, 24 June
L’anello della lavanda
h. 10.30-17.30 Meeting in Tolé, in front of the bus stop. From Bologna, train h. 9.16 to Vignola, stop at Pilastrino and from there bus 686 to Tolé. Return by the same way; bus from Tolé h. 17.35. Guided by: Montagna Incantata.
Further information and updates  www.fondazionevillaghigi.it - www.comune.bologna.it/ambiente

  • From: 25/03/2018
  • To: 18/11/2018

hours and meeting points as specified in the programme

hikes and walks are free and reservation is not required

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