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La musica che gira intorno

From: 21/06/2017 - To: 6/09/2017

sedi varie/different venues

Date of last update: 20/06/2017, 11:08

Fonoprint brings live music into unusual places with the project “La musica che gira intorno”, revisiting the places frequented by important Bolognese songwriters such as Lucio Dalla or Vasco Rossi. Six locations: a journey that will begin with the Fonoprint Studios and will include very significant places such as the Vito trattoria, the usual gathering place for musicians in the eighties, the private studio of Vasco Rossi, the hairdresser Orea Malià, always close to the artistic environment, The "Samm" record store in Via Oberdan and the Liceo Musicale Lucio Dalla.

  •     21 June | Studi Fonoprint - via Bocca di Lupo 6 > live Carmen Alessandrello
  •     28 June | Orea Malià - via Ugo Bassi > dj set
  •     5 July | Trattoria Vito - via Paolo Fabbri > live Jacopo Michelini
  •     12 July | Liceo Laura Bassi sez Musicale Lucio Dalla - via s. Isaia 35 > live Carmen Alessandrello + band of high school students
  •     19 July | Private studio of Vasco Rossi > listening in the studio
  •     6 September | Samm - via Oberdan > live Helle

more information and updates  www.facebook.com/Fonoprint

The event is part of the Bologna summer programme
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  • From: 21/06/2017
  • To: 6/09/2017