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La Forza delle immagini

MAST collection. An iconic selection of photographs on industry and work

From: 3/05/2017 - To: 24/09/2017

MAST Via Speranza, 42 - Bologna

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Date of last update: 09/05/2017, 11:04

At MAST the exhibition La Forza delle immagini / The Power of images (3 May - 24 September 2017) - curated by Urs Stahel, presents a selection of images from the collection of industrial photography of MAST Foundation. With more than one hundred works – some of which made up of dozens of snapshots – sixty-seven authors from the 1920s up to the present time show the disruptive power of the photographic language in its many meanings.

The exhibition is a celebration of images, a pictorial epic, a dance of visions from the world of industry which parade before our eyes, a visual abundance of insights into heavy manufacturing, machine industry, digitalization, and throw-away society. The perspectives of sixty-seven photographers guide us through the realm of production and consumption, showing us the extraordinarily rich visual world of labour, factories and society.

The Power of images traces central spaces in the industrial-technological system, it touches upon social and political questions, but rather than simply identifying hard facts the images attempt to depict more extensive, deeper connections, to present us with complex dimensions, also implying an emotional involvement.
The iconographic universe of industry and labour, factory and society, explored in this exhibition, is permeated with the idea of the multifaceted: many levels, paths, different time lines, atmospheres intersecting or running parallel to each other – like the man on his donkey cart in front of an industrial facility in a photograph by Pepe Merisio or André Kertész’s juxtaposition of a small bell tower against the two towers of the World Trade Center, two images representing the symbol of the entire exhibition project.

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  • From: 3/05/2017
  • To: 24/09/2017