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International Water Festival

Water and a land’s identity.

From: 14/09/2017 - To: 17/09/2017

Piazza della Libertà, 11 Alto Reno Terme - Bologna

Phone +39 0534 521103

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As philosopher Bachelard said, it is necessary to place everything in a wide and serious phenomenology, where imagination can turn water into dream, artistic creation, life, deep magic collective unconscious.

To achieve this, we have put together historians and literates, scientists and technicians, poets and musicians, artists and cooks, politicians and economists, legislators and actors, journalists and anthropologists. Each of them is going to contribute to create a virtuous and valuable, scientific and narrative space.

A fundamental narrative to human life and fantasy.

Furhter information and updates www.discoveraltorenoterme.it

  • From: 14/09/2017
  • To: 17/09/2017

Free entrance to the festival.