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Il ‘900 di SIRO (Umberto Spironello)

Umberto Spironello - Siro's 1900's experience

From: 21/10/2017 - To: 4/11/2017

Galleria Farini Concept - Palazzo Fantuzzi via San Vitale, 23/a - Bologna

Phone +39 334.848.5213

Date of last update: 17/10/2017, 13:22

Galleria Farini Concept presents «Il '900 di Siro» a major retrospective of Umberto Spironello’s paintings, featuring 180 works that span over five decades of his career, from the artist’s earliest mature works to his last works.
Umberto Spironello - named as Siro - was a painter and a violinist. Paintings and music his own path.

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  • From: 21/10/2017
  • To: 4/11/2017

Tuesday to Sunday, from 15 to 19, closed on Monday

Umberto Spironello - Siro's 1900's experience