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Il Barbarossa

Historical re-enactment

From: 13/09/2019 - To: 15/09/2019


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The '”Historia bella” tells that Emperor Frederick I of Swabia, known as the Barbarossa (Red beard), was passing through Medicina.
Whilst there, he became seriously ill and thanks to a broth in which a snake had inadvertently fallen, he recovered his health. The story also tells how, in recognition of the inhabitants of the town, the Emperor named the town Medicina (Medicine) making it independent of the domain of Bologna, fixing its boundaries and recognising privileges and exemptions.

History, legend and fantasy are the components of the extraordinary collective creativity that give birth to this  grand party.

A re-enactment that enthusiastically involves a whole territory. The castellans prepare to welcome the Emperor, the Castle is adorned for a feast, and the tower custodians are responsible for arranging libations and typical local dishes.
Barbarossa is an event that has become a fixed date in the annual calendar of Medicina It is plunging for three days in a medieval atmosphere

Over twenty refreshment points are present.


  • From: 13/09/2019
  • To: 15/09/2019

Friday, September 13th from 9.30pm to 3.00am
Saturday, September 14th from 5.30pm to 1.00am
Sunday, September 15th from 9.00am to 10.45pm circa