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Green Asparagus Festival

A food festival dedicated to the local GPI-labeled spring vegetable

From: 18/05/2017 - To: 28/05/2017

Altedo di Malalbergo - Bologna (vari luoghi, piazzale Coop Apofruit e strade del paese)

Phone +39 366 9998616

Date of last update: 11/05/2017, 09:21

From May 18th to 28th, 2017, Altedo - a village close to Malalbergo, becomes the capital of asparagus on the occasion of the 48th Green asparagus Festival, a celebration dedicated to the local GPI-labeled vegetable.

The event is an opportunity to take delight in the asparagus-based cuisine. The restaurant called “Tuttasparago” is the place where to taste delicious asparagus-based recipes, both traditional and creative, prepared by expert cooks. On the special occasions of the Serate d'autore a selection of chefs take a challenge for the national competition “Golden Asparagus”, using the exquisite local asparagus to prepare apetizers, first courses, main courses and even desserts.

The festival is also an occasion to enjoy live music, entertainment and to buy green-asparagus and other local produce in the street farmer's market.n  Look at all the events (in Italian).

(in Italian)

Further information and updates www.asparagoverde.eu

  • From: 18/05/2017
  • To: 28/05/2017