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Giulietta e Romeo

Season 2016/2017

Date: 25/02/2017

Teatro Il Celebrazioni

Via Saragozza, 234 - 40135 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 4399123 (biglietteria)

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Date of last update: 27/12/2016, 13:17

The Balletto di Roma presents the famous "Juliet and Romeo" with a setting designed by Fabrizio Monteverde. The story by Monteverde takes place in a Mediterranean village in Italy and the time is the post-war of the twentieth century. Juliet is the main character of the ballet and she has an independent and daring spirit that gets to fall in love Romeo...

Il Celebrazioni, 25 febbraio 2017

Balletto di Roma
Luciano Carratoni
Ballet in two acts inspired by "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare
artistic direction Roberto Casarotto
choreography and scenes Fabrizio Monteverde
music by Sergej Prokofiev
light designer Emanuele De Maria

  • Date: 25/02/2017