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Giovanni Allevi

Equilibrium tour

Date: 10/01/2019

Teatro EuropAuditorium - piazza della Costituzione 4

Phone +39051372540

Reference maps: L-11

Date of last update: 25/01/2019, 16:52

Giovanni Allevi, one of the most beloved contemporary Italian composers in the world, is back on tour in Italy conducting the Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana with a moving “Christmas” version of the Equilibrium Tour.

The excellence of contemporary classical music will delight his fans with a lot of new music thanks to two unreleased operas as well as many surprising guests: from a newly-discovered phenomenon recently graduated at the conservatory and an unstoppable rising star to an internationally-renowned soloist.

A great event to celebrate the loveliest festivity in the world together with his fans, exceptionally enabling some of them to perform on the same stage.

Further info at www.teatroeuropa.it


  • Date: 10/01/2019