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Giornata dell'Alimentazione in Fattoria

Date: 16/10/2016

Aziende nel territorio bolognese / Farms in the Bologna area

Date of last update: 10/10/2016, 09:24

This year the initiative Giornata dell'Alimentazione in Fattoria (Food day at the farm) will be held on Sunday, October 16. In the Bologna area 12 farms open their doors to visitors: 3 in plain, 2 in mountain and 7 in the hills.
The subject animating paths, workshops and visits to farms is tied to the theme of World Food Day 2016, "The climate is changing. Food and agriculture too".
Giornata dell'alimentazione in fattoria 2016 - Un altro cibo è possibileThe slogan of Emilia-Romagna Region is "Another food is possible" because the fact of supporting and strengthening small farmers means to ensure food security for all.

People visiting the farms in the Bologna area will have the possibility to grind flour in an old stone mill, to learn how to connect food to the seasonal cycles, to see the feeding of calves directly in the barn, to find out tasty recipes from the recycling cooking of left-overs, to gather vegetables, to feed the animals, to taste different autumn fruits, to prepare the dough for homemade pasta and to harvest chestnuts, which were so important for life in the mountain in the past.

The list of the participating farms and their rich programmes are availble on the website www.fattorieaperte-er.it.  In addition to workshops and activities, visitors will also have the opportunity to buy fruit, vegetables and other products locally.

  • Date: 16/10/2016