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Ghirri incontra Morandi

From: 30/07/2016 - To: 30/09/2016

Casa Studio Museo Giorgio Morandi e Fienili del Campiaro, Loc. Campiaro - 40030 Grizzana Morandi

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After Omar Galliani (2014), and Luigi Ontani (2015), this year it's the turn of Luigi Ghirri (born in 1943 in Fellegara and died in Roncocesi in 1992) to "meet" Giorgio Morandi in Grizzana Morandi (BO), at Giorgio Morandi Casa Studio  Museo and at Fienili del Campiaro, with photographs which were taken in via Fondazza and Grizzana studios, kept in the Ghirri family home in Roncocesi and featured thanks to the Ghirri heirs.

Although some photographs are well known because they are widely published, the exhibition Ghirri incontra Morandi (Ghirri meets Morandi, 30 July - 30 September 2016) features all the others that Ghirri personally selected and a self-portrait in front of the bed in the via Fondazza studio. The images show the entrance hall and the landing of via Fondazza to record the colors and the shapes and move deeper in the study to provide a map of the signs and traces of the objects immersed in the light, inpowder, in the earthy shadows.

The meeting with Morandi is for Ghirri an encounter with an artist that travels along the same paths thereof, those of domestic forms and family in soft colors, pastel, immersed in the silence on the border between appearance and enigma.
Event promoted by the Municipality of Grizzana Morandi. Sponsored by: Communities of the Bolognese Apennine The Metropolitan City of Bologna, Region of Emilia Romagna The Academy of Fine Arts Bologna. Provided by: Heirs of the Ghirri family.

  • From: 30/07/2016
  • To: 30/09/2016

Saturday and Sundaty 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

Opening July 30th at 7.30pm