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Festa internazionale della Storia

CONTEXTS. Climate, environment and resources between history and future

From: 21/10/2017 - To: 29/10/2017

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Date of last update: 11/10/2017, 14:40

CONTEXTS. Climate, environment and resources between history and future: this is the theme of the 14th edition of Festa internazionale della Storia (International Feast of History), the event proposing history through the different fields of human activities and expressions.  

From October 21st to 29th, 2017, congresses, conferences, round tables, performances, concerts and exhibitions will be enlivening palaces, squares, streets, churches and cloisters both in Bologna and in its surrounding region.
From the beginning of October to December many appointments will also anticipate and follow the International Feast of History.

All historical events are influenced by environmental conditions and evolutions which are  associated with situations, phenomena and natural events deeply affected by the human  behaviors.
Debates will focus on climate changes, seismic and hydro-geological disasters, territory  and building vulnerability, wars and migrations, risks for cultural heritage, prevention, the patrimony defence and reconstruction, the availability and efficacy of technological and human resources.

Further information and updates www.festadellastoria.unibo.it

  • From: 21/10/2017
  • To: 29/10/2017