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Festa del Gelato artigianale

13th edition

From: 20/07/2018 - To: 22/07/2018

Via Marconi, Piazza Rita Levi Montalcini, Piazza dei Caduti, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza della Repubblica, via della Chiusa

Phone +39 0516340480

Date of last update: 23/07/2018, 16:06

At the festival you can find, among the many proposals:
17 ice-cream shops with traveling tastes (10 inside the center, 7 on the road accessible with the "bicycle of taste")
40 refreshment points (soups, piade, streja, crescentine, fried cream, tigelle, crepes, borlenghi, grilled, fish, empanadas, Indian food)
10 show points for children, young people, adults
Dozens of shopping stands, open shops and aperitifs organized by the pubs and shops.
Jewelry and clothing shows

Many musical proposals, events, attractions for children, the "bicicletta del gusto (bicycle of taste)" and the contest "Vote the taste Casalecchio 2018".

  • From: 20/07/2018
  • To: 22/07/2018

Friday and Saturday from 19 to 24 and Sunday from 18 to 24

Festival del Gelato artigianale (Festival of artisanal Ice-cream)