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Events at FICO Eataly World

From: 1/07/2018 - To: 31/07/2018

FICO Eataly World, Via Paolo Canali 8 - Bologna

Date of last update: 03/07/2018, 10:20

Discover the events of FICO Eataly World, the world's largest agri-food park:

La Notte Rosa
6-8 July
Together with the famous Notte Rosa celebrated in the entire Adriatic-sea Riviera, FICO will launch its own summer cocktail.

Natural Alchemies
7-8 July
A Festival dedicated to science, alchemy, magic and food all under one roof.

The Mostarda Challenge
13 July
The cities of Mantua and Cremona will set up a series of challenges involving tastings and pairings.

Fresh and Preserved Fruit
14-15 July
Learn about the secrets and techniques to make granny’s best jams and preserves.

Fruits in Ice
19-22 July
An open exhibition dedicated to the world of sorbets, ice-lollies, granitas and fruit gelato.

Night of the Red Moon
27 July
Watch the moon eclipse in the outdoor area through special telescopes.

28-29 July
Chinotto is one of the most famous Italian handmade soft-drinks. Taste it in its thousand varieties and discover all the secrets of its production.

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  • From: 1/07/2018
  • To: 31/07/2018