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From: 27/12/2019 - To: 5/01/2020

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Date of last update: 07/01/2020, 09:24

Bologna dances during the holiday season

From 27th December 2019 to 5th January 2020, Dancin’BO returns on stage: the event that makes young and old people dance along the streets of the city, between the arcades and the buildings, crossing evocative spaces and invading the historical places of Bolognese culture, such as the Archiginnasio, the Salaborsa, the Municipal Theatre, the University and the DAMSLab.

A great party to celebrate the beauty and energy of dance in all its forms: from hip hop to tango, from classical to filuzzi (typical Bolognese dance), from ethnic dances to musicals, from contemporary dance to lindy hop, from acrobatic rock to the taranta (typical dance of Salento from the region of Puglia).
An unusual itinerary of dance moves animated by more than fifty realities including associations, dance schools and professional companies, for a total of over 500 dancers involved in a great dancing event.

Among the most anticipated guests of this second edition of note are: Luciana Savignano, Kledi Kadiu, Simone Di Pasquale, Iskra Menarini, the Gargarelli brothers from Italia's Got Talent and the winner of Prodigi 2019 (RAI 1) Davide Alphandery.
On the night of 31st December, the appointment for the crowds is in Piazza Maggiore to dance together on the Crescentone, transformed into a festive dance floor, and to greet the arrival of the New Year with the traditional burning of the Vecchione (giant sculpture created by renowned artists).

The festival locations:

Archiginnasio, Piazza Galvani 1
Biblioteca Salaborsa, Piazza del Nettuno 3
Cinema Lumière, Via Azzo Gardino 65
DAMSLab, Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 5/b
Fontana del Nettuno, Piazza del Nettuno
Galleria Cavour, Via Luigi Carlo Farini
Museo Civico Medievale, Via Manzoni 4
Piazza Maggiore
Sagrato della Basilica di San Petronio, Piazza Maggiore
Sala Centofiori, Via Massimo Gorki 16
Scuola Alma Danza, Via del Carrozzaio 15
Teatro Comunale, Largo Respighi 1
Via dell’Archiginnasio
Via Rizzoli
Voltone del Palazzo del Podestà, Piazza Maggiore 1

Discover the full programme on: dancinbo.it