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Dalì Experience

From: 25/11/2016 - To: 14/05/2017

Palazzo Belloni, via Barberia 19 - Bologna

Date of last update: 04/05/2017, 15:29

More than just an exhibit, it’s a veritable innovative cultural experience, innovative, comprehensive and immersive. The Dalí Experience is the most important event in Bologna, held from November 25th, 2016 to May 7th, 2017 (EXTENDED TILL 14/05) at the Palazzo Belloni, a prestigious, antique Bolognese palazzo located in via Barberia, 19.

Approximately 200 masterpieces from “The Dalì Universe” Collection—perhaps the richest testament of Dalí’s artistic legacy—are the main attractions of a multimedia journey that immerses the visitor in an engaging, interactive experience. The collection includes twenty-two museum sculptures, ten pieces created in the 1960s in famous “Daum di Nancy” glassware, twelve gold objects, more than one hundred drawings taken from ten illustrated books, and four monumental sculptures, placed strategically throughout the city’s historic center.

Curated by Loop, the Dalí Experience was borne of a desire to expose the greater public to the lesser-known aspects of the phantasmagoric Catalan artist and his cutting edge approach. The unconventional curatorial aspect of the exhibit makes it a “creative act” which, starting from each work of art, reveals further levels of meaning and understanding, and involves every facet of the exhibit, as if it were one overarching work of art. The goal is to discover the artist’s thoughts through his work and provide visitors with an emotional, non-didactic message. The multimedia and interactive nature of the exhibit strives to be an integral part of the story and not just a secondary element.

Visitors will dive into the labyrinth of the artist’s multifaceted mind. They will be constantly stimulated to use their senses to interact with the Dalí Universe, where the works of art dialogue with the interactive installations (3-D animations, augmented reality, immersive projections). It’s a journey filled with endless revelations and surprises that can only be experienced. As they move through the exhibit, people will discover the various souls of the great master, whose creative contribution is not only associated with surrealistic painting but extends to the most diverse and fertile fields of the twentieth century: cinema, fashion, design, advertising, literature, cuisine, as well as psychoanalysis, particle physics and new technology.

Dalí Experience is organized by con-fine Art with the patronage of the Regione Emilia Romagna, Città Metropolitana di Bologna, Comune di Bologna and RAI Radio Televisione Italiana  and the support of QN Quotidiano Nazionaleil Resto del CarlinoLa Nazione and Il Giorno.

The catalogue is the work of con-fine edizioni, curated by Claudio Mazzanti and Gino Fienga with the artistic direction of Patrizio Ansaloni.

Further information and updates: www.daliexperience.it  -  www.thedaliuniverse.com

  • From: 25/11/2016
  • To: 14/05/2017

Tueday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10 – 20, Friday and Saturday: 10 – 23, Monday closed, ticket office closes 1 hour before.

Special openings:

Sunday 25 December 2016: 16 -20
Monday 26 December 2016: 10 - 20
Saturday 31 December 2016: 10 - 18
Sunday 1 January 2017: 16 - 20
Friday 6 January 2017: 10 - 23
Saturday 28 January 2017: 10 - 24

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Dalì Experience