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Concives 1116-2016

9th Centenary of Comune di Bologna

From: 7/02/2016 - To: 20/10/2016

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Did you know that the Comune di Bologna is 900 years old? And that it is just a little younger than Bologna University?

Well, the year 2016 marks the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Comune, that is to say the kind of organization that many European communities adopted as autonomous way of government in the first centuries of the year 1000. This ruling-power autonomy of groups of inhabitants living in urban and rural centres was possible when a superior authority gave the juridical and political consent.

Bologna had that concession on May 15th, 1116, when the emperor Henry V acknowledged some prerogatives to the “concives” - the fellow citizens of Bologna, by means of a “diploma”. This charter is traditionally considered to be the basis legitimating the municipal organization of Bologna.
The “diploma” of Henry V is the first document in the “Registro Grosso del Comune di Bologna”, the ancient cartulary of Comune di Bologna dating back to the beginning of the 13th century - now kept at the Archivio di Stato, and gathering all charters proving the rights of Comune.

CONCIVES - fellow citizens, citizens who live together sharing spaces, services, opportunities, rights and duties, and inheriting and shaping their own civic identity. This characteristic features the Bologna community nowadays too. Therefore, it is not a coincidence if the word “Concives” has become the symbolic title of the project for 9th Centenary of Comune di Bologna, resuming in a single guiding concept all the initiatives in the programme.

Concives 1116-2016 - Buon Compleanno Comune di BolognaThe rich calendar of the celebrations follows both the memory and the contemporary thread. It will start on February, 7 at 6pm at Teatro Comunale with the Beethoven Symphony No. 9 performed by the Orchestra of Teatro Comunale di Bologna and directed by Maestro Michele Mariotti.

Sunday, May 15th, 2016 is the most significant day of Concives programme. Manifold initiatives are celebrating the  900th birthday of Comune di Bologna: free admission to the permanent collections of the museums of  Istituzione Bologna Musei, exhibitions, guided visits, conferences, ad hoc events in the city libraries which are specially open on this occasion, at Cinema Lumère from 5.45pm free screenings  ”Un quèl. Qualcosa di Bologna” proposed by Cineteca di Bologna, the itinerant performance in the city centre “Bologna, 900 e duemila” curated by Teatri di Vita, realized and directed by Andrea Adriatico, and much more. Read the programme (in Italian).

During the year, the event programme will be including:

  • Conferences - I novecento anni secolo per secolo (The 900 years, century by century)
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Exhibitions: Dieci parole per Bologna. Nove secoli di vita comunale (at Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio from March, 18); Bologna 1116. Dalla rocca imperiale alla città del Comune (at Museo Civico Medievale from March, 18)
  • Screenings curated by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and the production of a film directed by Giorgio Diritti, about Rossini’s Stabat Mater performed by the Orchestra del Teatro Comunale and directed by the Maestro Mariotti.
  • The contest “ConCittadini da novecento anni”
  • Lectio magistralis of Chris Wickham
  • Pubblications

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  • From: 7/02/2016
  • To: 20/10/2016