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Città di Circo

From: 27/10/2017 - To: 12/11/2017

Parco di Villa Angeletti - Via de Carracci, 73 - Bologna

Phone +39 338 98 32 476

Date of last update: 27/06/2018, 12:04

Città di Circo
Bologna, the first city of the circus
Back to Bologna the Circus with 15 days of shows in 5 tents with more than 90 performers: contemporary circus, theatre-circus, music, courses, conferences.
Famous companies such as Circo Paniko, Magda Clan and Side Kunst Cirque will alternate at Parco di Villa Angeletti, via de Carracci 73
An highest artistic quality program suitable for all.


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  • From: 27/10/2017
  • To: 12/11/2017

For each show and activity of Città di Circo a free donation is appreciated: the admission is free and at the exit you can decide how much donate if you have enjoyed the performance.

Each company will repeat the shows for up to 4 times, so it is recommended to book at 338 9832476.