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Città cristiana, città di pietra

Itinerario alle origini della Chiesa di Bologna

From: 19/05/2016 - To: 26/02/2017

Raccolta Lercaro

c/o l'Istituto Veritatis Splendor (Galleria d'Arte Moderna), via Riva di Reno 57, 40122 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 6566210/211

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Raccolta Lercaro hosts the exhibition Città cristiana, città di pietra. Itinerario alle origini della Chiesa di Bologna (Christian city, city of stone. Itinerary to the origins of Bologna Church), from 19 May 2016 to 26 February 2017. It is a photographic itinerary retracing the historical and religious roots of Bologna (from the first bishop Zama to the 8th century) through the monuments, the literary sources, the epigraphic documents and the objects still existing.

The exhibit, as well as the catalogue and the video, all focus on the history of the sources and on the chronology of people and events.
Some themes are guiding the exhibition itinerary, such as the development of the city and its walls, the relation with the episcopal seat of Milan and Ravenna and with the papacy, the most important monuments, the religious and social conflicts.
For the first time some rare artefacts have been systematically collected, like epigraphs, architectural elements, and liturgical fittings dating back to the early centuries of Christianity.

Photographic itinerary curated by  Isabella Baldini, Veronica Casali, Giulia Marsili (DISCI, Università di Bologna); Andrea Dall’Asta S.I. (Raccolta Lercaro).

Further information and updates on www.fondazionelercaro.it

  • From: 19/05/2016
  • To: 26/02/2017

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On Saturday, May 21st special night opening 8.30pm-11.30pm on the occasion of the European night of museums
Closed on June 2nd, 2016