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From: 18/02/2017 - To: 30/04/2017

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi

Via Matteotti, 16 - 40129 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 4153800 (Biglietteria) - +39 051 4153700 (Info)

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Home. A place where me is just me. A home where to find shelter, eat, take a bath, sleep. A place where to live and share experiences. A place where I can welcome others. A home to explore and invent, a place that changes as I change. A place from which to leave and discover everything outside it, and a place to go back to every time.
“Casa” tells the surreal story of a grown-up and a child who meet, get to know each other and start to build. Building turns into play, and little by little, while playing, they build a story, a structure, a roof, a house. Sometimes the characters exchange roles: the little one pretends to be the grown-up, while the grown-up goes back to his childhood, in a sequence of surprises and emotions captured in the fixed geometries of daily-life.

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, Sala B
Saturday 18 February at 4,30pm and Sunday 19 February at 10,30am
Saturday 29 April at 4,30pm and Sunday 30 April at 10,30am
For children 1-4 years

CASA (Home)
by Andrea Buzzetti, Bruno Cappagli and Carlotta Zini
directed by Bruno Cappagli
with Andrea Buzzetti and Carlotta Zini

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  • From: 18/02/2017
  • To: 30/04/2017

Teatro Testoni Ragazzi Boxoffice via Matteotti 16 - Bologna (tel. +39 051 4153800 - biglietteria@testoniragazzi.it) is open from Tuesday to Friday 4pm - 7pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm; closed on Monday. During the performance days the boxoffice is open 1 hour before the starting of the performance. During Christmas and Easter holidays and on the occasion of the festival  “Visioni di futuro, visioni di teatro...” opening time may be changed.