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Carnival of "Fantaveicoli"

21st edition

Date: 3/03/2019

P.zza Ayrton Senna da SIlva

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Carnival of Fantaveicoli takes place in Imola since 1998.
Fantaveicoli means a perfect mixture of fantasy, cleverness, creativity and irony. These unique pieces are incredible assemblies of parts from bicycles or old vehicles. What is more important is the way these Fantaveicoli are operated: none of them produces pollution! There is no limit to the inventions you will see: hand pushed, windpowered, electric powered or even solar panels.

The Carnival parade inside the Enzo e Dino Ferrari Racetrack, takes over Viale Dante with its crazy floats and masquerade and flows into Piazza Matteotti. In a mad and happy atmosphere, the award ceremonies for the three different categories (Fantaveicoli, Schools and Centri Sociali) close the parade but not the party.
Over the years, this Carnival has grown to be one of the most popular events in the city of Imola with over 20.000 participants.

Further information on www.carnevalefantaveicoli.it/

  • Date: 3/03/2019

2.30 pm: start of the parade, from Imola Racetrack to Piazza Matteotti