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Bologna, The Street of Jazz

White Jazz Night

From: 14/09/2019 - To: 15/09/2019

Via Rizzoli 32

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Date of last update: 16/09/2019, 09:00

The Strada del Jazz offers free concerts in the heart of Bologna to over 80 thousand people in two days.

It gets through various age groups, with its creative dimension, glamor, close to the young spirit, which offers suggestive atmospheres, giving life to multiple expressions, from the most sophisticated to the softest, introducing to experiences that are never banal, but at the same time non-elitist, capable indeed of seducing a wide audience.

An event of great appeal to the public and media, typical of situations in which young people, music, culture, tradition, glam meet in a moment of widespread but non-dispersive entertainment, where every part of the historic center can be illuminated by a special moment .

  • From: 14/09/2019
  • To: 15/09/2019

Bologna, The Street of Jazz