Welcome is Bologna

Bologna da Sballo

From: 1/06/2016 - To: 31/12/2019

Via San Nicolò 3 D - 40126 Bologna

Phone +39 051480977 – 3284412533

Date of last update: 03/01/2019, 17:05

These itineraries are out of the ordinary and the "magical Walkman", which comes out of vintage, becomes a modern time machine, driving Bolognesi and tourists who will listen to 2 very captivating sound adventures, recited by about twenty actresses and actors.

With the sophisticated Holophonic technique in which sounds, music and voices are perceived at 360 ° in an extremely realistic way creating exciting situations.

Once the Walkman is picked up, the starting point of the route will be indicated, but the visitor will not know what the route will be, whom they will metaphorically meet or where the "Tour" will end.

It will be UGO - the Virtual Friend hidden inside the Walkman to guide the visitor during the walk in the center of Bologna.

  • From: 1/06/2016
  • To: 31/12/2019

From Monday to Sunday, 5 shifts: 7:30pm - 8pm - 8:30pm - 9pm - 9:30pm
Sunday: morning 10am + afternoon at 3pm
The FIRST path takes 80 minutes, the SECOND itinerary takes 100 minutes