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Blue Night 2019


Date: 4/06/2019

Via della Grada, 12

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For some years now there has been some interest in the Bolognese and tourists in the air due to the hydraulic history and the underground network of the city of Bologna and its surroundings.

On the part of the public there is a strong curiosity and a desire to rediscover this part of the city known to the few, hidden and unexplored but of great charm: La Bologna delle Acque. For this reason the Consortiums of the Canals of Reno and Savena in Bologna, which for over 800 years have been determined to continue their work of defense, conservation and development of the artificial hydraulic system of Bologna; have proposed themselves as promoters and coordinators of an initiative, dedicated to the enhancement of the hydraulic history, the underground and the hidden beauties of the city of Bologna, called "Blue Night".

The night of June 8 will be tinged with blue in the streets, in the basements, in the palaces, in the museums and in the corners of a Bologna never seen. The night will be an explosion of lights, unusual visits, performances, magical set designs all dedicated to the importance of the water, with the purpose of saving and promoting the hydraulic and underground heritage.

  • Date: 4/06/2019