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Baccanale 2017 - "Sotto Terra"

Enogastronomic and cultural event

From: 4/11/2017 - To: 26/11/2017

luoghi vari / different locations - Imola (BO)

Phone +39 0542 602207

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 12:54

The new edition of Baccanale - the annual cultural and enogastronomic event, opens on Saturday, November 4th 2017. This year theme is “Sotto Terra” (Under the ground).
Until November 26th meetings, events, tastings and above all many interesting menus, for a total of 145 events. Among the others:
tastings and theme dinners
• meetings, presentations and visits
• events for children
• theme exhibitions and other expositions
• live performances
• markets and show markets
• cooking classes and workshops.

The theme chosen this year wants to celebrate the return to “rustic” food, such as turnip, onion, potato, which are present in every kitchen, but also involves more sophisticated food such as truffle, ginger and sun-root.
Using the handy booklet of the programme, the choice is among exhibitions, cooking classes, meetings, workshops, performances, show cooking and, of course, the theme menu that 45 restaurants in Imola and its surroundings will propose.

Further information and updates www.baccanaleimola.it

  • From: 4/11/2017
  • To: 26/11/2017

free admission to events unless otherwise specified
payment is requested for tastings and restaurants Baccanale menus

Baccanale 2017 - "Sotto Terra"