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Dialogo con l'universo. L'origine della musica

From: 16/04/2016 - To: 15/05/2016

Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica

c/o Palazzo Aldini Sanguinetti, Strada Maggiore 34, 40125 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 08/05/2016, 13:07

Why does music exist? What has brought it into ourselves? What are its origins?
Penelope looks for answers to some of the most fascinating questions of all times.

Since the first men appeared, since the Universe was born, Music has always had a main role in the Creation. Chiara Cocchi, also known as Penelope explores the close relationship between music and visual art. The title of the exhibition, AVATAR, was chosen by the artist because it leads to the idea that our body is a kind of "map" that reflects the entire universe: the mathematical, physical and biological laws are present in it as well as in the whole of creation.
Through a careful study of the origins of music, the artist considers that the music was an ensemble of free sounds, a primordial form of jazz entirely free from conventions or rules, before becoming a culture based on a codified science.

The Penelope's project for the Museo della Musica is not only a simple exhibition of works, but also a multi-sensory event where the audience is an active part in a journey of the mind among painting, installations and multimedia works.

The visitor of the exhibition will be introduced in another dimension, a journey where every room will be a discovery and a different sensory experience among sounds, sculptures, installations. The exhibition is curated by Olivia Spatola.

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  • From: 16/04/2016
  • To: 15/05/2016

Tuesday - Friday: 9,30am - 4pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 6,30pm; closed on 1st May 2016.

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