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Ai tempi della Balla grossa

Le imprese criminali di un'associazione di malfattori nella Bologna postunitaria

From: 11/05/2017 - To: 10/09/2017


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From May 11th until September 10th, 2017,  the exhibition Ai tempi della Balla Grossa. Le imprese criminali di un'associazione di malfattori nella Bologna postunitaria is held in Quadriloggiato Superiore in Archiginnasio Palace.
On Archiweb, Archiginnasio's Digital Library, the version on line of the exhibition is available

The exhibition, curated by Marcello Fini, tells the visitors through photographs, newspaper articles, print texts and lithographs (all from the collection of Archiginnasio), the criminal feats carried out by bold crime groups (“balle”) organized in Bologna in the first years after the Unit, as well as the procedural events that arose from them.

One hundred and ten accused, twenty-three different charges, but all attributable to the same criminal organization and six months of uninterrupted work: the process against the "Association of Malfatters" - known as the "Long Cause" - which opened on April 26th, 1864 in the sala d'Ercole of the Municipal Palace in front of the Court of Assise of the Court of Bologna is considered by the historians as the first held in united Italy against an organized malavitous association.

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  • From: 11/05/2017
  • To: 10/09/2017

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Ai tempi della Balla Grossa