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Again anew before the film

From: 27/01/2019 - To: 3/02/2019

Cinema Modernissimo - Piazza Re Enzo 3

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Date of last update: 04/02/2019, 15:03

The Cineteca di Bologna Foundation is staging an intervention by artist Michele Spanghero in the extraordinary building site space of the Cinema Modernissimo, which will soon be handed back to the city. The installation was created by drawing on the vast sound archives of Cinemazero, working on the audio recordings by Gideon Bachmann, who spent his whole life interviewing and documenting the voices of the biggest stars of film history.

Spanghero’s works combine sound and visual arts with in-depth conceptual research and are characterised by a cross-cutting approach and minimalist aesthetics. At the Modernissimo, Spanghero will seek to encourage the involvement of the public by subtly altering their perception. Silence, acoustic resonance and the subtle variations of sound in space and matter are the core of the artist's sound practice.

Find out more at  www.cinetecadibologna.it


  • From: 27/01/2019
  • To: 3/02/2019

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