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Adamo e Deva

Season 2016/2017

From: 21/12/2016 - To: 8/01/2017

Teatro Il Celebrazioni

Via Saragozza, 234 - 40135 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 4399123 (biglietteria)

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Date of last update: 11/10/2016, 16:48

As every Saturday night, Adamo is waiting for the arrival of his friends, when someone rings the doorbell. It's Deva, a oddly dressed woman with a suitcase. Adamo tries to say something to her, but without success, the woman sits at the table apologizing because she is early. Who is this mysterious character? The most fundamentalist, biblical and incredible dinner of the history is about to take place.

Il Celebrazioni, from 21 December 2016 to 8 January 2017
(closed: 24-25-27-28 December + 2-3-4 January)

Vito e Claudia Penoni

Production Tutto Acceso Spettacoli
by Francesco Freyrie and Andrea Zalone
direction Daniele Sala

Toast of the New Year's eve offered by Gino Fabbri Pasticcere

  • From: 21/12/2016
  • To: 8/01/2017

Weekdays at 9pm
Sunday and holidays at 6pm