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A great present under the tree

Date: 22/12/2017

Piazza del Nettuno - Bologna

Date of last update: 21/02/2018, 15:21

One of the most awaited presents of Christmas 2017 will be "unwrapped" on 22nd December in the square with the tree.

Fontana del Nettuno (the Fountain of Neptune)
- one of the city’s symbols - will be unveiled in all its glory after months of restoration work.

Starting from 1pm the "Giant", as it is fondly called by the locals, re-emerges clean and sprouting water from its original nozzles from a total height of 9 metres. The music by Federico Aicardi and a conversation  of the Italian actor Giorgio Comaschi with the Bologna mayor Virginio Merola and with the director of Il Resto del Carlino, Andrea Cangini, will accompany the event. Read more about the inauguration (in Italian)

  • Date: 22/12/2017