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Pian di Balestra

Pian di Balestra, 40048 San Benedetto Val di Sambro (BO)

Date of last update: 07/05/2018, 10:40

A large plain lies at the foot of Monte Bastione. This name goes back far into history and, according to scholars Cesare Agostini and Franco Santi, there are reasons to believe that it refers to the decisive battle between the Ligurians and legions of Consuls Caius Flaminius and Marco Emilio Lepidus in 187 BC (mentioned by Titus Livy in his History of Rome, book XXXIX-XL).

If you delve into the woods, after a few hundred metres you will come to the quarry where according to local tradition, the Romans extracted the construction material for the road. There, wedged in a crack where a stone had been partially cut, a coin of Roman origin was found.