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Date of last update: 08/05/2018, 16:40

Natural areas are seldom the same and the great variety of the Bologna area is proof of that.

Protected natural areas are a true heritage to be discovered and includes, among others, the 5 great Apennine parks and the protected humid Plain areas. The latter are of great naturalistic interest and are aimed at preserving the delicate biodiversity of this unique territory.

The great parks are filled with itineraries, distinctive features and a wealth of unique and different panoramas: the gentle hills, the castle and abbey of Parco di Monteveglio; the Alpine habitat and the Dardagna and Orrido di Tanamalia waterfalls at Corno alle Scale; the 130 km of trails and the two lakes of Parco di Suviana e Brasimone; the karst complex with its gullies and Grotta della Spipola in Parco dei Gessi ending with Parco storico di Monte Sole, dedicated to the memory and discovery of the civilisations that have inhabited these areas since ancient times.