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Museo Civico Medievale

Via Manzoni, 4 Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 06/12/2018, 16:44

The room houses one of the most precious pieces of the whole collection, a bronze ewer tracked back to Rhine regions. The ewer portrays a knight on a horse. Ewers were used to hold and pour water; they were usually employed during banquets and feasts but also during mass, when the priest would wash his hands towards the end of the function, during the prayer to the Eucharist. Indeed, they were used both to wash hands according to catholic liturgy and during noble banquets. The powerful anatomy and the eloquence of the horse are a reference to the naturalistic vague introduced by Gothic style; to this end it is worth noting the detailed end of the XIII century military equipment.

This work of art is consistent with many other on the same subject, in museums in Florence, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.


Bronze, 12th cent. Lower Saxony or Mosan region