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Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 19/12/2018, 16:55

Among the most creative European cities, Bologna will captivate you by offering emotions and genuineness.

Take the time to visit and discover  the city,wandering and 'getting lost' through arcades, squares and market stalls, where human relationships and urban charm are inseparable. Starting from Piazza Maggiore, enclosed by the beautiful ancient palaces of Accursio, Re Enzo, Podestà and  Notai and by the majesty of Basilica di San Petronio, you will then continue your visit discovering the many towers in Bologna, and not only the “two sisters” Garisenda and Asinelli. From the top of the Asinelli tower  you can admire the red roofs and the hills around the city. Once back on the ground, you will be embraced by kilometers of arcades, the longest in the world, animated by the voices of  many  Italian and foreign students who attend the  oldest university in Europe. When visiting the museums you will appreciate all the history of Bologna from the Etruscan and Roman origins to its modern and contemporary artists'paintings and writings.  

Don’t leave Bologna if you haven’t tasted the famous and unbeatable  traditional dishes as well as its cooking proposals open to the new tastes coming from different cultures. Last “but not least”, be enchanted by the magic of Bologna night life and events made of all kind of music, cinema, theater ...

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Recommended Paper guides: Bologna  Guide Verdi d'Italia Touring Editore (2012), available in English too.
Mary Tolaro, Noyes Bologna Reflections Jump the Fence Press (2009) only in English.