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Opificio Golinelli

Via Paolo Nanni Costa, 14 - 40133 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 14/06/2018, 15:21

In October 2015 Opificio Golinelli opens as a new center for knowledge and culture in Bologna, created by Fondazione Golinelli with the goal of promoting science education among young people.

Opificio Golinelli is located on Via Paolo Nanni Costa, near an abandoned industrial area of about 3 hectares,  where Società Fonderie Sabiem has been until 2008. The citadel of knowledge, which has required an overall investment of 12 million euro, has an area of 9000 m²: it's going to be the new foundation headquarters and host most of its training, educational and cultural activities. The space is divided into pavilions and independent structures, linked one to another by a system of walkways, gardens and squares in a way similar to how the city's public spaces are arranged.
The architectural design is curated by diverserighestudio. Opificio Golinelli has spaces dedicated to children, young people, teachers and citizens and is the centre of the activities performed by Fondazione Golinelli in the field of education, training, research, dissemination, promotion of science and art.

Scuola delle idee (formerly START-Laboratorio di Culture Creative) is a recreational and interactive space to nurture creativity in children aged between 2 and 13, combining science and the humanities.
The space, until recently located in the underpass of via Ugo Bassi-Rizzoli, in the center of Bologna, is a place of innovation and experimentation, accessible to classes and also to adults and to a wider public with demonstration areas and exhibits, thematic routes, and a section for very young children (18 months-5 years). In 2012 it was selected among the best 10 children centers in Europe (www.scuoladelleidee.it).

Fondazione Golinelli promotes research, dissemination, conferences and entertainment in cooperation with the University of Bologna, the Municipality of Bologna and other public and private institutions.
Among the activities are Scienze in pratica, Giardino delle imprese, Scienze in Piazza, Educare a educare, Arte scienza e conoscenza.

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Opificio Golinelli