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Opificio Golinelli

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Opificio Golinelli

An open ecosystem combining education, training, research, technological transfer, incubation, acceleration, venture capital, dissemination and promotional activities focusing on Fondazione Golinelli's arts and sciences. Designed by diverserighestudio and inaugurated in 2015, Opificio Golinelli was set up thanks to the upgrading of a 9,000 sq m industrial space now home to laboratories, classrooms, offices, exhibition halls, workshops and an auditorium. Opificio Golinelli obtained the 2015 Planning Prize by the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (City Planning National Institute) science magazine in the “Qualità delle infrastrutture e degli spazi pubblici” (Quality of infrastructures and public spaces) category. In 2016, it was selected for the Italian pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition held in Venice. 


Centro Arti e Scienze Golinelli

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, the Centro Arti e Scienze Golinelli (Golinelli Arts and Sciences Centre) was inaugurated in October 2017 opposite Opificio Golinelli and it is a place of research, imagination and experimentation. Its objective is to re-establish a dialogue between art, science and technology thus recreating a connection between past, present and future. Centro Arti e Scienze Golinelli hosts a multiannual event programme with the objective of imagining the future and stimulating educational, training and entrepreneurial initiatives for the younger generations.


Fondazione Golinelli

Set up in Bologna in 1988 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Marino Golinelli, It is now the only example in Italy of an operative private philanthropic foundation inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model. It deals with education, training, research, innovation, enterprise and culture. The objective is to provide the younger generations with new tools to understand the future that awaits them so that they can become tomorrow’s actively responsible protagonists. It develops innovative projects that create links between the school, university, research and entrepreneurial worlds and that integrate art, science and technology. Fondazione Golinelli spreads high-quality content through exhibitions, workshops, courses and conferences to people of all ages. 

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Opificio Golinelli