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Museo d’Arte MAGI'900

Via Rusticana A/1 - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

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The MAGI'900 is located in Pieve di Cento, a small village in the area of  Bologna.
It' s a nice art heritage city located not more than 30 kilometers from three important historical cities: Bologna, Modena and Ferrara. Also for this it can be considered very interesting for tourists.



At the end of the 90s, Giulio Bargellini, founder of OVA – leading industry in Italy and Europe in the field of emergency lighting – decides to enhance his collection of artworks, paintings and sculptures and to create an art museum as a centre for documentation, research and promotion of the Italian art generations of the twentieth century.

While looking for an appropriate space, Bargellini decides to acquire and restore the old silo of Pieve di Cento, an industrial building from 1933 once used to store grain. The silo is ideal to start the museum project: on the one hand it offers the opportunity to protect and enhance a building in a serious state of deterioration, but with great symbolic value for the local community and the agrarian history of the province of Bologna; on the other hand, it is a large empty container with a size, volume, architectural structure and territorial accessibility perfectly suited to become a exhibit space.

The restoration and transformation of the silo is commissioned to Giuseppe Davanzo, a well-known architect whose work was influenced by great masters of Italian architecture such as Scarpa, Albini and Samonà. The transformation project wants to preserve the volume of the silo as much as possible, adding a second construction with a large basement and a new glass tower which gives access to reception, office spaces, cafeteria and bookshop and exhibition spaces. Then, to confer a highly symbolic and communicative value to the building and to ensure more coherence between the shell and the new exhibition area, the exterior walls of the 'new box' are painted with a dominant blue tint: it appears compact from afar and becomes tactile and variable while approaching.
After the first core opened in 2000, the museum expanded a second time between 2005 and 2006 with a new volume annexed to the outdoor staircase, and a third time in 2015, with the construction of a three-story building and a large panoramic terrace.

Outdoor takes place a Sculpture Garden, which anticipates the rich collection of artworks visible inside, while around the perimeter of the museum a great ceramic mosaic artwork titled Constellations is designed to highlight the variety of themes and artistic movements collected at MAGI’900.
Once inside, the rooms are designed according to thematic sections with paintings and sculptures by many historical masters of the twentieth century and contemporary authors.



MAGI’900 is an eclectic private art museum, founded by patron and collector Giulio Bargellini. Designed as a place to contemplate and understand art, it offers articulated cultural and exhibition activities inside a large industrial building from the 20th century.A grain silo from the 30s, specifically restored by architect Giuseppe Davanzo, was later expanded with two new modern volumes, set up with a permanent collection which now encompasses thousands artworks.

The visit is articulated along 9.000 square meters of exhibition space on different levels, through the diverse cores of the collection. A particular importance is given to two dedicated itineraries, one on abstract art and the other on figurative art. Great attention is also paid to sculpture, which connects vertically the different floors of the museum and expands outside in the Sculpture garden, where a great site-specific ceramic mosaic lays.Today, a long emotional itinerary allows the visitor to enjoy a walk through the gallery viewing intense and evocative paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic works and photographs from the last century and beyond. Thanks to the variety of collections and the dimension of spaces, the structure of the museum allows to organize thematic, permanent or temporary exhibitions and different types of events, such as concerts, conferences, shows, performances and conferences. The current permanent collection is dedicated to numerous main artists who represent art and visual culture movements from the 20th and 21st centuries.

In the gallery, you’ll find selected works by masters such as  Boldini, Burri, Campigli, Carrà, De Chirico, Savinio, Guttuso, Ligabue, Manzoni, Modigliani, Fontana and over 2.000 Italian and international contemporary artists, many of whom with monographic sections. Valuable examples of sacred art from the XVI-XVIII centuries dialogue with the contemporary core of the museum, masterpieces by Lavinia Fontana, Guido Reni, Guercino, Scarsellino guarded and exhibited here after the 2012 earthquake which damaged the Collegiate Church of Pieve di Cento, where they belong.

A homage to the woman of the Belle Époque

A homage to the woman of the Belle Époque

In the exhibition include Boldini, Toulouse -Lautrec, Řezníček and Cappiello, while the publications featured include Le Sourire, Gil Blass, Le Frou Frou, La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio and many others.

In order to access to this section, it is necessary to buy the ticket for temporary exhibitions.



Numerous educational projects for schools, visitors and families are listed among the museum activities. The Education Department offers to schools thematic visits, guided tours and workshops designed to bring children closer to the languages of art and to encourage the development of creativity.

by car: from Bologna - highway A13 Arcoveggio access, direction Padova, exit Bologna Interporto, SP4 up to Pieve di Cento; Modena - SS12, direction Ferrara, exit 6, SP 255, crossing Nonantola, Sant'Agata Bolognese and San Giovanni in Persiceto, SP6 up to Pieve di Cento; Ferrara - Highway A13, direction Bologna, exit Altedo, SP 20 towards San Pietro in Casale, via Asia towards Pieve di Cento up to Pieve di Cento
Free parking available to visitors.

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by train/bus: Bologna Central Station, Bus 97C line, every day;
Bologna Central Station, change to San Pietro in Casale, bus lines 455 and 456, or Prontobus 433 and 435, from Monday to Saturday;
Bologna Central Train Station to San Giovanni in Persiceto, change with bus 536, then bus 552, in Cento exchange with 97C or 455 bus, from Monday to Saturday;
Prontobus service (to be booked at least half an hour before) tel +39051290299.
For more information www.tper.it
The rides can be booked calling the Call Centre tel. 051 290 299 from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 to 20:00; public holidays from 7:00 to 20:00

Permanent collection + Current exhibitions 

€15 Full 
€10 Reduced (visitors over 65, visitors under 18, students with card, teachers with card, Musei Metropolitani Card holders, Bologna Welcome Card EASY and PLUS holders)
€7 Reduced: group ticket (min. 10 persons.)

Permanent collection

  • €10 Full
  • €7 Reduced (visitors over 65, visitors under 18, students with card, teachers with card, Musei Metropolitani Card holders, Bologna Welcome Card EASY and PLUS holders)
  • €5 Ridotto gruppi (min. 10 persons.)

Current exhibitions 

  • €7 Full - 1 exhibition
  • €10 Intero - 2 exhibitions
  • €5 / €7 Reduced  (visitors over 65, visitors under 18, students with card, teachers with card, Musei Metropolitani Card holders, Bologna Welcome Card EASY and PLUS holders)
  • €5  Reduced: group ticket (min. 10 persons)

Museo Magi’900

  • Free: Open box, residents of  Pieve di Cento (only for permament collection), children under 10, journalists, tourist guides, 1 leader for each group, teachers with school groups, members of I.C.O.M. 

From Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00
Monday and public holiday days closed.
Closed on December 25th and 26th, January 1st and Easter Day.
In summer months the museum will not change opening hours.

The ticket office closes one hour earlier.

Extraordinary changes regarding openings and closings are always posted on the website: www.magi900.com

A wide selection of graphics by contemporary authors offers the opportunity to purchase at affordable prices numbered artworks, representative of the different contemporary trends.
At Magi'900 you can also buy a series of small design items specially designed for those who desire a souvenir of the Museum.

The museum is perfectly accessible to disabled people.

Museo d’Arte MAGI'900