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Museo Corpus Domini o Chiesa della Santa

Corpus Domini o Chiesa della Santa Via Tagliapietre, 21 - 40123 Bologna (BO)

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The believers could see the holy body (a little blackened by the time), still wearing the Franciscan habit and seated on a gold-plated stall given to the convent by Giovanni II Bentivoglio, and protected behind a safety glass. The Franciscan nun founded the Corpus Domini Convent in 1456: the first one for Poor Clare Nuns in Bologna.
You can enter the museum from the second chapel, at the left of the nave. It was created by the Cardinal Giorgio Gusmini (1855-1921), and inaugurated on the 8th of March 1919. After the World War II it has been reorganized, and now it contains some objects owned by the Saint, such as her manuscripts and her paintings.

The Cell where the museum is located dates back to 1680. It contains some Franceschini's paintings such as the "Gloria d'angeli" ("Angel's Glory") in the conch and the "Evangelisti" ("Evangelists") in the medallions. Moreover there are the Haffner's floral decorations, the Quaini's works and the Mazza's Puttos made of stucco.
On the entrance door there is a cinerary urn with the remains of the Blessed Giovanna Lambertini, coming from the same Order of the Saint. On the adjacent room entrance there is another cinerary urn with the remains of the Poor Clare Paola Mezzavacca, and on the left wall there is a reliquary with the painting "Madonna del Pomo" painted by the Saint Nun.
In the showcase below there are also her manuscripts: the Treaty of "Sette armi necessarie alla battaglia spirituale" ("Seven weapons for the spiritual fighting"), the "Ufficio Divino" ("Divine Office"), and a Child Jesus image painted in water colours, which was brought to sufferers for devotion.
On the right wall there is a "gigue": a musical instrument dating back to the 1400s.
The description is taken from: "Guida alle gallerie e ai musei di Bologna" by Paola Emilia Rubbi and Oriano Tassinari Clò

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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday : 9.30am - 11.30am and 4.00pm - 5.45pm. Closing days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. ( Opening times can be subjected to little changes) Ottavario di Santa Caterina: every year from 8 to 16 March. During this period the chapel will be open every day. For further information: www.santuariocorpusdomini.it

Museo Corpus Domini o Chiesa della Santa